February 28, 2020

Posted by Filipino Heritage Festival

Last February 28, 2020, Daniela Bartolome organized an On-The-Spot Art Contest held at Taguig City University. She was able to gather 30 High School Students excelling in art from 11 Public High Schools in Taguig City.

Since it was the Culture and Arts Month at the Taguig City University, she decided to organize and bring young art students together for a fun and meaningful activity. Daniela believes that art continues to play an important role in influencing our Philippine culture. The students were given 3 hours to make an artwork portraying Philippine culture using oil pastels, illustration boards, cotton, and pencils.

She invited 3 judges, Mrs. Armita Rufino, Ms. Charming Baldemor, and Councilor Marisse Balina, to select the top 3 winners. All the submissions depicted their personal perspectives of the Philippine culture ranging from traditional food and games to current pop music and dances. She says, “This event has taught me that culture of the Philippines continues to be shaped by the youth and is recognized as a dynamic aspect in the progression of Philippine society.”