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 Proclamation No. 439 signed on August 11, 2003, declares the month of May as National Heritage Month “in recognition of the need to create among the people a consciousness, respect and pride for the legacies of Filipino cultural history, and love of country,” the whole country is given a chance to highlight and appreciate its cultural treasures. It is also an occasion to raise awareness on their significance.

Considering the significance of this annual celebration in May, to honor our traditions and customs, our government encourages the involvement of the private sector so that the propagation of our country’s unique heritage will be able to reach more Fillipinos who need to be made aware, be appreciative and the need to preserve these traditions and landmarks that are pressured by the onslaught of development and globalization.

Filipino Heritage Festival Concept

A month-long celebration of tangible & intangible Filipino Heritage presented through Cultural events deliberately utilizing heritage sites and Malls throughout the country as venues. It is a joint project of the National Commission for Culture & the Arts and private sector represented by Filipino Heritage Festival Inc.

  1. To raise the consciousness of the average Filipino of the existence of these marvelous man-made as well as natural landmarks and the need to cherish and preserve them.
  2. To institutionalize and foster the month of May as the National Heritage Month.
  3. To animate and focus attention on Filipino Cultural Heritage Through various cultural events that will encompass, address and include the different tiers of the society.
  4. To act as a unifying force in the society through the use of Heritage.
Project Description

Filipino Heritage Festival is a yearly month-long celebration centered on heritage. It features performance, visual arts exhibits, thematic culinary events and other activities emphasizing traditions and customs performed on heritage sites and malls, to reach a wider audience.

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Address:   G/F Museum of the Filipino People, Valencia Circle, Luneta Park Manila, Philippines